Gokayama Mugiya Matsuri ( Nanto )


Gokayama Mugiya Matsuri is the Reisai, the most important event of the year for a shrine, in this case, for Jishu Shrine at Shimonashi District, Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture.

The area is known as Gokayama which has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List due to its traditional gasshō-zukuri houses, alongside nearby Shirakawa-gō in Gifu Prefecture.

This festival is held to thank for a good harvest to the shrine by dedicating the traditional dance called Mugiya Odori and the song call Mugiya Bushi.

Visitors can join Mugiya dance for both nights of 2days festival. Before the dance event, you can learn how to dance at the dance lesson classes in the morning.



Although there are many theories about the origin of Mugiya Bushi, based on the study about its lyrics,  it is believed to be sung for the first time by people of Taira clan who were defeated by the Minamoto Clan and escaped from Kyoto to Gokayama 800 years ago.

The festival has been taken place in the current form since 1979.

Religious Background



Credit: Nanto City, Toyama http://www.tabi-nanto.jp/event/post_59.html


September 23rd and 24th

Dates and functions are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check the latest information in advance.


Shimonashi, Nanto City, Gifu Prefecture

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http://www.tabi-nanto.jp/event/post_59.html (Japanese)

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